With traffic a constant issue for those commuting across any body of water in the Seattle-Bellevue metro area it's no wonder that people have started brainstorming and planning alternative methods of travel. Earlier this year the Kitsap County "Fast Ferry" began shuttling commuters from Bremerton directly to Seattle and carries only those on-foot. After several kinks, the system is starting to smooth out and the desire to use the service has continued to keep the ferry full every day. 

Now, as reported by Seattle Curbed, " A private developer is planning to run a water taxi across Lake Washington and Lake Union between Renton and Seattle." A local company, Seco, is taking on the initial funding and implementation of the project and is in talks with King County to secure more "Fast Ferries" for Lake Washington by the year 2020. King County executive Down Constantine said in a statement, "In our rapidly growing region it is essential that we have a variety of transportation options. That is why I am encouraged when businesses like Seco get involved by creating innovative solutions like a water taxi."

Geekwire recently reported that the details around timing, capacity, pricing, and stops (among others) are still undecided; but that Seco is considering 149-passenger catamarans similar to Kitsap Transit's Fast Ferry. Additionally, the ferries will include amenities that appeal to commuters, like high-speed internet, bike storage, standing desks, and the ability to order coffee and snacks via smartphone. 

In the Seattle Curbed article, Seco CEO Michael Christ stated, "A water taxi immediately serves the transportation needs of the area in a conscious, eco-friendly way. [The boats will] operate at low-wake speeds, preserving the beauty of our shoreline and respecting homeowners along the lake while addressing the apparent gap in transportation alternatives in our region."